From the press release:

In recognition of World MS Day on May 30th, photographer, Caitlin Cronenberg, has created a first-of-its-kind photo exhibit to showcase the journey young woman face when diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). With many women diagnosed in the prime of their lives, three vivacious women from across the country participated in the project and shared their personal stories through a new lens.

The national exhibit, entitled DREAM/AWAKE, will be unveiled today in Toronto, featuring Caitlin’s visual interpretation of each woman’s personal experience with MS. The exhibit takes aim at life after diagnosis, telling a visual tale of the pivotal moment when a young woman learns she has MS and the personal journey that follows. The images demonstrate the feelings of loss – of body, family, opportunity or work – and how each woman has reclaimed her life through treatment and become a figure of inspiration for young women fighting the disease.

Art Direction by Jessica Ennis

Hair and Makeup by Joanne Parks

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